Banned from Facebook Ads and Amazon Ads…what’s a poor novelist to do?

Okay World, I’m not sure whether to be honored or appalled: Sunsets of Tulum, despite what everyone has said is a tasteful, beautiful, and very perfect-for-the-book cover…has been banned for both Facebook and Amazon ads. Yes, you guessed it: for violating the nudity/obscenity clauses.

“Just change the cover,” said a helpful email-center person in (probably) Bangalore.

Well, the problem is I really LIKE the cover. And I think if someone gets an ad that doesn’t have it, it’s a bit deceptive, right? Here’s the cover:

Is this worthy of being a banned book?

So my question to the world is what’s the best course of action at this point? Do I try to get the word out elsewhere? Tell the publisher that I want to change the cover? Or just dig my heels in and say “This is a great book, the world will find it, and the prudes don’t have to read it if they don’t want to.” Thoughts?

If you like it…why not order a signed copy? You never know, it might be worth something somday! :-)