The Vasemaker’s Daughter and a trip to Japan

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve had time for the luxury of a blog post but now that the agony of jet lag is subsiding, I’m feeling like it’s time for a quick post about The Vasemaker’s Daughter and my trip to southern Japan.  It was a great time, mainly a wonderful connection with family and friends, but some key researching happened as well…and I had a great time at Recife Bar doing a reading of Sunsets and also In the Sunlight of Sakurajima.  Both were received with lots of enthusiasm and I made a bunch of new friends and saw some old friends too.

It’s amazing to already be at a point where book two is nearing “birth” and becoming a tangible reality.  Compared to the nearly 10 years that book one too, being this far along with book two in just two years is amazing.  Though due to some other projects, I’ll need to put this aside for a bit this summer and pick it up again this fall.

Here’s my Facebook Post at my author Facebook page about the Recife event.  If you haven’t “liked” my author page yet, please do!

I had such a great time at Recife Bar, in Kagoshima City. Thanks to everyone who came!

Ciao for now…and see you in the bookstore!  :-)