Amazon Reviews, Anyone?

Would absolutely LOVE to have your (ideally positive!) Amazon review for Sunsets of Tulum.

Never done one before?

No worries. Just log into your Amazon account, click here, and then click on the stars. You should be able to write a review!

These factor hugely into Amazon ranking and for example, with just 2 5-star reviews my novel jumped to 4th on my Amazon author page. If a few more of you write them, it might be in first place. Every little bit helps!

Thank you all for your enthusiasm and support!

Excitement and gratitude…

Just have to send a shout out to all the great people who’ve helped me during this process. You’ve caught errors, seen things I wouldn’t have seen, and helped make this a better book.

And for those who are waiting with bated breath: here’s a glimpse of the hardcover!

Sunsets of Tulum galley
The first galley of Sunsets of Tulum. So cool to see it as a real live book, finally!

A blurb, a blurb, my kingdom for a blurb…

The Muse and the Marketplace conference was amazing: met so many great writers, editors, authors, and others and learned all kinds of great things; however, one goal that did NOT happen is that I didn’t end up with any published authors who can blurb my book.

So do any of you know an author? Ideally John Irving, Stephen King, or Haruki Murakami, but I’d settle for less famous too.

I need two or three nice (positive!) pithy statements about how amazing this book is. Anyone out there with an author in their pocket who is interested in encouraging new talent? Let me know!!

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Looking for a Few Good (Advance) Readers


“Every once in a while, a love story comes along that seduces all your senses, making you laugh, cry, and re-examine your own beliefs. Ray Bartlett’s debut novel is all that and more. Told against the backdrop of stunning Yucatan, Mexico, the story examines the complexity of human love and nature, enthralling you from the very first page to the last.”

– Sena Desai Gopal, food/travel writer for the Boston Globe.

My debut novel, Sunsets of Tulum, will be released October 1st, 2015 from Barrel Fire Press.  I am super excited and would like to invite YOU to be a part of this exciting event.  If you like to read, if you have an account on Amazon and can help me make this a success by writing a review, then join my e-newsletter (above, upper right!) and be a part of this great project. Your help means so much!

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Thank you so much!