What a trip!

Been having such an amazing time here in Yucatan.  The readings of _Sunsets of Tulum_ went well, and there’s been plenty of great wildlife to see along the way.  Some of the road signs we passed are below:

On www.facebook.com/RayBartlettAuthor I titled this “Four Reasons to Visit Yucatan.”

Most of the time we’ve stayed in relatively cheap motels, with a few notable exceptions. The Hacienda Blancaflor was lovely and cost $79/night. It’s out of the way, so we ate dinner and breakfast there, and it was great food. Our total bill came to 2000 pesos, which is about $160 or so with the exchange rate. Not bad!

Lovely time at the Hacienda Blancaflor, north of Campeche

More pics and comments at www.facebook.com/RayBartlettAuthor — hope to see you there!